Unique Message:  Danny doesn’t just motivate his audience; he gets into their heads with his story of inspiration and hope.  A natural communicator, Danny’s words are punctuated by his presence on stage.  He asks them to find the hero in themselves and then asks them to be that person.

Experienced Speaker:  Danny has spoken before a wide range of audiences, from senior level executives to sales and service groups, students, sports teams and medical professionals.  He is reliable, personable, professional and always able to “roll” with the punches.

Easy to Work With:  Danny tries hard to be a low maintenance speaker by providing you with all the information you need up front.  He is there to serve your needs and works to make your job easier.  In addition, all fees include travel and expenses, so there are no surprises after the event. 

Humorous:  As a former student of TV and Radio Management, Danny is keenly aware of the entertainment value of his presentations.  He does a masterful job of weaving humorous tales, many based on his own experiences, into his messages.

Customization:  Through discussion with you, backed up by his pre-event questionnaire, Danny is thoroughly prepared with a presentation tailored to your specific needs by the time he enters the stage. Danny and his wife/business partner, Lynn, work as a team to create a presentation that Danny then commits to memory once the final outline is approved by the client. They work with you to understand your mission and strategy and tie these and other details into his presentation to inspire and motivate your audience.  Danny and Lynn will revise an outline as many times as it takes until you are completely satisfied with the final product. At Heumannly Capable we believe our clients should be fully aware of the presentation that Danny will be delivering. No surprises!

Breakout Sessions:  Strengthen the impact of Danny’s presentation with follow-up breakout sessions that motivate your group to delve deeper into his four attributes for success and apply them to their own lives, both at work and at home.  Danny will work with you on an agenda and serve as facilitator.

During the nearly two hour presentation, prepared on extremely short notice, you held the entire 150+ person medical school class spellbound. Alternatively funny and sad, light-hearted and poignant, your discussion with them, both on your experiences as a patient, and on how this experience has shaped your philosophy as a person and your career path, was relevant, tangible and inspiring.”   
Hugh J.L. Garton, M.D., M.H.Sc, Associate Professor, University of Michigan Health System
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