When Danny speaks, people listen. In a packed auditorium you could hear a pin drop. The journey Danny has traveled is not only a tremendous inspiration to any person faced with a serious medical condition but also for those lucky enough to enjoy perfect health.  Danny has not only built a happy life for himself but has raised millions of dollars for spinal cord injury research. He is undoubtedly one of the finest motivational speakers out there.

Danny prepared thoroughly for his session with us, and worked closely with key leaders to understand our strategy, mission and values. He then tied these aspects in to the motivational presentation he delivered. His attention to detail and commitment to personalizing the experience for us truly added to the overall experience for our team. Danny Heumann is an excellent speaker, leader, motivator and human being. I would recommend him highly to any organization seeking a profoundly impactful speaker for a team event. 

Over the past 10 years, I have had the good fortune of having Danny Heumann speak to my freshman class of about 140 students on several occasions. This is a very tough audience because they want to be both entertained and educated. Danny does both. He is articulate but speaks their language. His presence fills the room and the students are spellbound. They come up to him after class in droves and many volunteer to help him on his various projects. 

… He blew us away with his passion, his positive attitude, and his commitment to working with biotech companies to find the cures and bring them to the patient community. 

Dan Heumann's presentation to our union stewards was an experience that we will never forget … Dan touched on all of the specific responsibilities of our stewards and the importance they play in the role of the entire Union.  Hearing this message from Dan was far more effective than coming from our staff and his studied knowledge and importance of organized labor as it applies to union stewardship was truly remarkable.

Recently I decided to begin to bring individuals into Bio's staff meetings to remind us all why we work so hard every day to advance the work of biotechnology companies on behalf of patients. Danny Heumann was our first choice. Not only did he motivate us to rededicate ourselves to work to promote the life sciences, he also inspired us to examine our own lives in search of the special brand of optimism he brings to his.

I had the pleasure of watching Danny Heumann present a talk entitled "Using Your Law Degree to be an Advocate for Change" at the University of Michigan Law School. Danny captivated the audience of law students .... His presentation was at once heart-wrenching and uplifting, humbling and inspiring. Following a dynamic thirty-minute talk, Danny fielded a steady stream of questions for another fifteen minutes. 

Your presentation was simply outstanding and numerous people have commented to me about how impactful it was ... Please know that you will be thought of often by the NIKE family and that we look forward to hearing you soon on a return visit. We cannot thank you enough for providing us with the inspirational perspective that each of us will be considering for some time to come. 

I would like to extend my personal thanks and gratitude to you for your taking the time to speak to our team at Churchill Downs before the 132nd running of the Kentucky Derby! … My team and I were more than impressed when working with you both prior to and during our event ... It was also obvious you took the time to study our event and business before speaking and it leant relevance to everyone's role in the room, which was a real plus and was appreciated from our end.

We entered in this speaking engagement with high hopes that our team would hear both the challenges that the customer experiences at our great facility, but also how they can make a difference in that customer's experience with focus and effort. You helped us exceed that expectation and it is greatly appreciated. We look forward to working with you again in the future.

Thank you very much for your outstanding presentation to the second year medical school Neuroscience sequence course … you held the entire 150+ person medical school class spellbound. Alternatively funny and sad, light-hearted and poignant, your discussion with them, both on your experiences as a patient, and on how this experience has shaped your philosophy as a person and your career path, was relevant, tangible and inspiring. This was clearly one of the most successful lectures of the course.

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