Danny Heumann, founder of Heumannly Capable, is a paraplegic who became an entrepreneur and advocate for facing and overcoming life's tough circumstances and living life to the max. Danny works with each client to build programs that meet specific objectives.  He can tailor the following topics or work with you to design a completely customized presentation.

Facing Adversity Head On and Live Life to the Max!
Danny parallels his experience with adversity with the challenges your audience faces at work, school or in their personal lives.  With an engaging style, he explains how developing his four attributes for a fulfilling life - Courage, Persistence, Attitude, and the willingness to Ask for Help – can help people find meaning and joy in every day.

Investing in People: How to Be a Leader You’d Want to Follow
Successful leaders recognize that developing staff potential is their highest purpose.  In this presentation, Danny challenges leaders to build their own dream teams by forging a compelling vision, and nurturing staff growth through key management skills like encouraging creative thinking, good listening and seeking feedback. 

How to Manage Change (and not be managed by it)
Danny’s life is a dramatic example of turning change on its end and using it as a springboard for transformation. With his special brand of optimism, Danny tells audiences that “change is coming,” so expect it, embrace it and use it to discover inner strength and motivation to succeed at whatever they do.  

Spirituality in the Face of Adversity
Danny talks about his own spirituality before and after his accident and the role of spirituality in finding both power and peace within you. This is an inspiring discussion of digging deep and drawing upon the inner strength, determination and positive attitude to reach your goals and live a life fulfilled.    

Five Keys to Building Better Health Provider/Patient Relationships
Danny has had, and continues to have, a broad range of experience with physicians, nurses, physical therapists and other healthcare providers.  He uses personal stories and observations in an open discussion how excellent provider/patient communications can improve outcomes. 

"Danny prepared thoroughly for his session with us, and worked closely with key leaders to understand our strategy, mission and values. He then tied these aspects in to the motivational presentation he delivered. His attention to detail and commitment to personalizing the experience for us truly added to the overall experience for our team.”  Albert Berriz, CEO, McKinley, Inc.
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